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Shrink Sleeve

A shrink sleeve is a type of packaging that is made from a heat-shrinkable plastic film. The sleeve is applied to a product or container, and then heated to shrink the film around the product, creating a tight fit. Shrink sleeves can be used to provide tamper-evident seals, improve product appearance, and display product information. They can be applied to a variety of containers, including bottles, cans, and jars, and can be printed with high-quality graphics to enhance product appeal.

Choosing shrink sleeve for your beverage product line

Explore the benefits of shrink sleeve labels.

Enhanced product visibility that conform to the shape of the container, providing 360-degree coverage and increasing the surface area for branding and product information.

Lemonade shrink sleeve


We specialize in creating and printing shrink sleeves for various uses, including multi-pack sleeves, shrink sleeve bands/belly bands, and shrink pack sample promotions. We can handle any unique labeling needs, such as authenticity, security, and design customization, including the use of cold foil labels, UV metallic inks, custom matte or gloss finishes. We have extensive experience in modern shrink sleeve solutions and can customize the perfect fit for your brand.

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