Extrusion and Adhesive Lamination

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Our advanced extrusion and adhesive lamination technology will fine-tune your packaging requirements. We offer exceptional extrusion development services, including extrusion capabilities and expert guidance, enhance current product lines and explore new material options for barrier rigid food packaging, thermoforming rollstock, and heat seal seal rollstock. Our goal is to provide top-quality support to help you succeed in the industry.

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Adhesive and Extrusion Lamination Process

In adhesive lamination, a film material is bonded to another film using an adhesive. This process can be repeated with multiple layers to create a multi-layered film structure, or it can be combined with extrusion lamination to create a flexible packaging material with both adhesive and extrusion properties. In the extrusion lamination process, two films are brought together extruded through computer-controlled dies with advanced gauge controls, such as automatic gauge monitoring profile control. This creates a multilayer flexible packaging lamination. The process can be repeated to create the final flexible packaging structure, or it can be combined with adhesive lamination to complete the flexible packaging.

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Thin, single-layered rollstock made from a carefully chosen substrate material can be customized to specific size and shape requirements. The selection of performance resins and additives is also an option to ensure optimal performance.

Value added extrusion lamination in manufacturing processes.

Extrusion lamination has a distinct advantage when it comes to thickness, stiffness, or puncture resistance, thanks to the added bulk provided by the molten resin. For example, we can use extrusion lamination to combine two 70-gauge films with seven pounds of polyethylene, resulting in a 180-gauge lamination. This is a more cost-effective way to increase thickness compared to purchasing higher gauge film. Additionally, the thickness of the resin layer can be customized to meet specific needs. While adhesive lamination is more common, fewer converters have extrusion lamination lines due to the higher initial equipment cost. However, the benefits of extrusion lamination, such as cost-effective rigidity or thickness, enhanced barrier properties, and increased puncture resistance, make it a valuable investment for packaging film production.

Extrusion and adhesive lamination

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