Pre-press and platemaking

We prioritize the quality and effectiveness of the finished package, which is why we handle the critical processes of prepress and platemaking in-house. We have the expertise and resources to take on any level of complexity in the transformation of your graphics from digital form to physical, vibrant packaging that perfectly matches your approved proofs.

Prepressing plates spinning


By investing in the latest plate technology, we are able to consistently deliver top-quality results that are characterized by bright, vibrant images, enhanced highlights and fade-to-zero effect, and impressive solid ink density. It enables us to offer you the highest level of repeatability, ensuring that you can count on us to consistently produce outstanding results.

To produce high-quality prints of your artwork on our HD flexo presses, we will follow this process:

  • Optimize your graphics files for high-definition printing to ensure the best possible results.
  • Set up your artwork for extended gamut printing to achieve a wider range of colors.
  • Numerically define the process and spot color targets to accurately reproduce your desired colors.
  • Conduct grid tests and pre-distort the graphics for stretch and shrink sleeves to ensure proper fit on the final product.
  • Apply your graphics to the die line, a template that outlines the shape and dimensions of the final print.
  • Create proofs for review and approval before moving on to the next step.
  • Generate flexographic plates using our advanced HD plate imagers. These plates are used to transfer the ink onto the substrate during the printing process.
  • Define the necessary print parameters to achieve consistent results on the production substrate.
  • Take any additional steps necessary to guarantee the highest quality output.

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