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Smart Labels

Smart labels are labels that use technology such as RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) or NFC (Near Field Communication) to store and transmit information about a product. This information can include things like product details, pricing, and inventory levels. Smart labels can be read using a smartphone or other device with a suitable reader, and can be used to provide customers with more detailed information about a product or to track inventory levels in a store or warehouse. They can also be used to improve supply chain efficiency by providing real-time visibility into the movement of products.

Enhance your brand experience

Enhance the shopping experience by implementing near field communication (NFC) label tags, allowing for real-time, personalized sharing of promotional and educational content. This will increase brand awareness and foster customer loyalty across all of your products.

Smart Label Capabilities

RFID uses radio waves to communicate with a reader and can store a large amount of data. They are often used in inventory management and supply chain tracking.

RFID and NFC Label

Make it Unique

Fully Customization

As a leading manufacturer of wireless NFC tags, we have the expertise to design, print, and test for optimal performance. Our dynamic capabilities and extensive experience allow us to bring your smart label vision to reality. With our tags, smartphones can easily pick up the passive radio signal to display real-time information. The process is simple and seamless, as customers can access the information by just touching their smartphone to the tag. Additionally, our tags allow for personalization by displaying dynamic content tailored to a specific location or date, which leads to unique customer engagement. Not only do our tags increase branding, but they also educate shoppers by linking to recipes and product use suggestions. Furthermore, our tags can boost sales by providing loyalty programs and coupons. Lastly, our tags enhance security by allowing for product authentication.

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